'Uptown Funk' Covers Are Getting Old, But These Senior Citizens Make It Fresh

Don't believe it? Just watch.

"Uptown Funk" parodies are pretty much played out at this point, but there's one final addition to the canon, care of a bunch of talented senior citizens. The "Oldtown Funk" clip is a faithful remake of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's hit video, performed by Alex Boye, the Genesis Band and the Dancing Grannies, who range in age from 65-92 according to the video description.

You might also scoff when you see the description says, "All the grandmas and grandpas in this video did their own stunts :)" until you realize it's not a joke: one woman sporting a cane drops it for a full split.

Whether it's a meta commentary about the concept of "Uptown Funk" parodies being so old, or just an attempt by web-savvy senior citizens to get a piece of that viral pie, it's worth a watch.

Also, check out Mark Ronson telling MTV about how the song came to be: