Lady Gaga Was Always Destined For 'American Horror Story' And These 11 GIFs Prove It

Born this way! (And by 'this way,' we mean, 'to be on American Horror Story.')

By now, you've probably heard the exciting news that Lady Gaga is set to star in the next season of "American Horror Story."

And if you found this surprising, then dude, you obviously haven't been paying attention.

Lady Gaga has spent practically her entire career in preparation for this moment, and we've got the GIFs to prove it. Below, check out the evidence that Gaga has been dabbling in Ryan Murphy's particular brand of creepy, campy, glorious horror since before AHS was even a thing.

  1. When she was born onstage from a giant egg.

    American Horror Story: Ovum.

  2. When she sang cheek-to-cheek with Tony Bennett.

    AHS loves a good musical moment featuring a classic star (see: Stevie Knicks on Coven.) Gaga's performance with Bennett would be right at home.

  3. When she went back to black on "The Late Show."

    AHS has always relied on a glamorous grande dame to set it apart, and here, Gaga proves that she would be 100% up to that challenge. For once, we're actually semi-okay with the idea of Jessica Lange leaving the show -- knowing she'll be replaced by someone just as splendid.

  4. When she performed "Paparazzi" at the VMAs.

    Like many episodes of "American Horror Story," Gaga spent this performance singing, dancing, and covered in blood. (Like one episode of "American Horror Story," somewhere, probably, she did it accompanied by a man wearing a lace thong like a surgical mask.)

  5. When she took Alejandro (or Roberto or Fernando or whomever) to bed.

    Gaga music video, or outtake from "American Horror Story: Asylum"? DISCUSS.

  6. When she boxed herself in at the VMAs.

    "American Horror Story" is often as much a fashion show as it is a horror show, and this costume would have been right at home in one of Ryan Murphy's finest haute-couture nightmares.

  7. This moment from the "Applause" video.

    This act would have been a perfect addition to last season's "Freak Show" -- although Elsa Mars might not have appreciated the competition. (Maybe she's the one hurling knives from off-screen.)

  8. This other moment from the "Applause" video.

    A dark, twisted fantasy featuring a mysterious woman surrounded by a purple storm of glitter = a totally adequate metaphor for "American Horror Story" as a series.

  9. And this one.

    This swan-monster makes Dr. Arden's creations from "Asylum" look like cuddly baby bunnies.

  10. And this one!

    Hey, look, behind her! It's the Rubber Man from Murder House! Hi, Rubber Man! *waves*

  11. And of course, there's literally the entire video for "Telephone."

    From the prison setting to the mass diner poisoning to the cameo appearance by Beyonce, this video is basically a whole season of "American Horror Story" condensed into five musical minutes. Let's just say we won't be surprised if "American Horror Story: Women's Prison" is already in the works for season six.