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All The JWOWW Mommy Moments That Made Us Melt

In honor of her birthday, we're looking back at Jenni Farley's special times with 'angel baby' Meilani.

Five years ago, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley probably would have celebrated her birthday with a dance-off at Karma (Jersey Turnpike, optional) and various shenanigans around the "Jersey Shore" house (smush room, probable), which may or may not have resulted in a busted ankle from those heels.

My, how things have changed! Today, the former "Snooki & JWOWW" star turns 30, and her greatest gift of all this year has been her beloved baby girl Meilani. Truly an angel baby befitting such a heavenly moniker (thanks, Roger), the six-month-old is quite obviously JWOWW's world. In honor of Jenni's special day, we'd like to feature a few of her sweetest moments of mommyhood, because frankly, little Meilani is a lucky gal to have you for a mama, J!

  • The moment we first met

    Like Roger, we can safely say we believe in love at first sight too. Seeing Jenni for the first time in mama mode absolutely melted our hearts, and then some.

  • Meilani transforms into her mama
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    Complete with... little faux breast implants? Absolutely hilarious, and proof that Jenni's never-ending creativity (and sense of FUN!) makes her an amazing mama.

  • That smile!

    Whether running on four hours of sleep or no winks at all, Jenni will stop at nothing to keep her sweet girl happy. Look at that smile! Somebody, quick — come wipe us up because we're officially a puddle of mush.

  • Baby's baptism

    The proud parents, along with their loved ones, celebrated Meilani's christening on the series finale of "S&J." "I love my baby angel so much, and the whole experience was so special to see all over again," Jenni later wrote on her website about re-watching the monumental occasion on the small screen.

  • Meilani-inspired ink

    Jenni chose to show her love for all of eternity with a Meilani-inspired tattoo of the babe's footprints surrounded by her name. That's true devotion right there, kids.

  • A farewell photo for the books

    As Jenni's successful MTV chapter came to a close, she posted this tear-jerking shot of her and her beloved. "Meilani and I would love to say thank you to all the fans... Thank you for being apart of the last 6 years of my life. From meeting [Roger] to our engagement and the birth of our daughter," she said. No, Jenni. Thank YOU!

And that's just the beginning — JWOWW is already talking about baby numero dos! Leave your sweet somethings and birthday wishes for her in the comments.