7 More Classic Childhood Cartoons We Wish Would Come Back This Year

because there's never enough '90s nostalgia.

It’s a pretty good week to be a ‘90s kid. With yesterday’s announcement of Disney’s “DuckTales” reboot, plus today’s news that Netflix will revive “Inspector Gadget” in March, classic cartoons are what’s up. Now feels like the perfect time to stock up on that Saturday morning cereal and start shopping around for those grown-up footie pajamas (I may or may not already own a pair-- hey, boys).

Don’t you feel sorry for kids today? They just don’t get it. They’re just too busy trying to figure out what is and isn’t on fleek. Kids today wouldn’t understand great television if it hit them in the face with a selfie stick.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of even more cartoon classics we’re wishing would make comebacks this year. Are you listening, TV execs? Do it for us. Do it for the next generation of American youth. Do it for the kids who never grew up yelling, “Move it, Football Head!” at their televisions. Those poor, poor babies.

  1. Rugrats

    The concept of “Rugrats” was nothing short of genius: What do babies do when their parents aren’t watching? Tommy Pickles may have only been a year old, but his oversized head held more wisdom than a thousand grown men.

  2. Pepper Ann

    Ah, Pepper Ann. She was the everywoman. A cartoon Mary Tyler-Moore, if you will. Homegirl totally got the struggle. Back in 7th grade, there was a little bit of Pepper Ann inside every girl.

  3. Doug

    Doug had it all: an awesome best friend, a faithful pet, and a killer sweater vest. He even had the love of his eternal crush Patti Mayonnaise which, as we all know, is literally priceless.

  4. Rocket Power

    What? You guys didn’t belong to extreme sports gangs as kids? Whatever.

  5. Gargoyles

    Before we knew what goth was, “Gargoyles” helped us get in touch with our pre-teen angsty dark sides.

  6. The Wild Thornberrys

    Eliza Thornberry lived a literal dream life. She was the original Cady Herron but with way cooler hair.

  7. Hey Arnold!

    The raddest kid in the raddest fictional city with the raddest room and life and friends. Ugh, Arnold. We’ll love you forever-- Helga style.