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Hey 'Parks & Rec' Fans: This 20-Year-Old Amy Poehler Clip Will Ease Your Pain

Leslie Knope raps.

Talk about perfect timing.

Just one day after the series finale of “Parks and Recreation”, after saying goodbye to Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Andy Dwyer, Tom Haverford and the rest of the Pawnee, Indiana gang (tear), Second City has unearthed a lost Amy Poehler treasure that all fans currently in mourning will appreciate.

The clip is from an unaired, 1995 pilot starring Poehler. The show was “RVTV” and it co-starred Second City’s improv guru Del Close, Matt Dwyer and Adam McKay.

The three-minute clip from this wondrously weird show is a collection of Poehler’s scenes, including an impromptu freestyle rap.

“The next man or the next woman, it doesn’t make a difference, keep the competition coming/I recite chapter and verse, the title of this recital is ladies first,” Amy spits.

According to Splitsider, Dwyer doesn’t recall where the concept for the show came from.

“I know it was written by Adam McKay and Tom Gianas, who both went on to write for SNL and of course film and TV,” he said. “Tom co-directed it. We shot it for a week up in Toronto. Also, Del improvised constantly and was throwing in tributes to old greats like his Ken Nordine. I think Amy and I may have improvised less, but as with any group of improvisors working together, improvisation is going to happen. It was a great deal of fun and I remember both Amy and I were thrilled to be working with Del. Del was an icon to all of us.”

Dwyer doesn’t know why the pilot wasn’t green lit, but from the looks of it, this gem should have been Must-See TV.