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Was Big Sean Dissing Kendrick Lamar On 'Me, Myself & I'? Check His Answer

We asked Sean.

With reporting by Rob Markman

Big Sean delivered a whole album of new music to fans on Tuesday, with the release of his third solo effort, Dark Sky Paradise. But that wasn't enough -- so, the night before, he dropped a freestyle, "Me, Myself & I."

On it, Sean Don spits fire for three straight minutes -- but it was one portion in particular that caught many people's ears:

"Y'all braggin about so and so, like, 'Oh, he really it/ The new n---a in rap,' well, can he really spit?/ Or do he just hide behind his skits like half of these rappers do?/ And then y'all f--king go and praise him in this bitch like they savior of this sh-t"

Was it a Kendrick Lamar dis, some wondered? After all, K. Dot's celebrated debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city -- after which, many people praised him as the "savior" -- did contain a number of skits. Plus, the Compton rapper mentions Sean on his infamous "Control" verse -- which upset a handful of rappers, and was actually the G.O.O.D. Music rapper's own song, featuring Kendrick.

Sean says those lines weren't aimed at Kendrick, though. In fact, they weren't aimed at anyone in particular -- except, maybe, for fans.

"It wasn't even a dis to no rappers, it was a dis to the people," he said. "I feel like people get a little fuzzy-minded and brainwashed when it comes to, like, drama, or, 'He said this!' And they focus on one little part, or the skits. And that ain't it to me."

"If you got good skits on your album, I just feel like, that's awesome, but, you know, it takes more than that. And that was the whole point; it ain't even a dis to no rappers, it's a dis to how people think, they perception."

"It's like, 'This is album, or this person, or this mixtape, or 'cause of the skits it was' -- I'm just like, Yo, what about the raps? Or, 'He said this name, or he did this.' It's like, Yo, what about the raps, though?

It's one thing to think Sean wants to be recognized as the best out, and that he views whoever is in his way -- be it Kendrick Lamar or someone else -- as competition. It's another to think that Sean feels like Kendrick is trying to "hide behind skits," or that he can't really spit. I don't think he feels that way, so a big part of me doesn't think this was any kind of shot at Kendrick.

Then again, who has recently released an album, had that album include skits, and been recognized by some as a "savior"? Really, only Kendrick.

Either way, I'll take Sean's word for it.