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Does Kanye Think You're A Real Artist? YACHT Has The Answer

... and it's 'Beyonce.'

Ever wondered if Kanye thinks you're a real artist -- or nah? Well, the band YACHT has you covered. In light of Kanye's assertion that Beck should give his Best Artist Grammy to Beyoncé because "artistry," the duo put together a website aptly titled "Kanye, Am I A Real Artist?" that answers that query.

"It was mostly the opportunity to use the URL [kanye.am] more than any real interest in that as a moment," Claire L. Evans told MTV News. "It was an insane moment in pop culture and it was a definite like, worlds-colliding kind of thing that was really compelling -- but we’re not like culture vultures. We were just tripped out that the URL was available. We were like, 'What can we do with this?!'"

"It's also kind of like this joke that we've been running with recently, this interpersonal one like 'Ooh we're making something -- oh, God is this real art? If only Kanye could tell us,'" she added.

The site itself is simple: Just refresh to get a different answer from Kanye, all of which are real things Yeezy has said at one point or another -- or variations of real things. A sampling? "The voices in my head told me no." "No, but we'll still go play basketball and stuff." "Beyoncé."

This is far from the first project of its kind that the band has created. "We've been doing stupid projects like this forever, since we've had computers, so this is our first dumb joke that people have liked," Jona Bechtolt said.

For example, they're currently working on something called Gflect that has a very specific purpose. "Gflect is a hand-held device in the shape of a mobile phone that allows users of Google Glass to take selfies. So it's essentially a mirror," Jona said. Sign me up for 10!

The projects span far and wide when it comes to theme and purpose, but one thing remains constant for the band: They're just trying to make things that they themselves like -- whether it be music or Kanye quote generators.

In fact, Claire recently gave a TEDx talk on that subject. "We always try to frame ourselves as our own audience and try to disregard, until the last minute, the idea that we may never have another audience -- because that way whatever we do is authentic to our voice and maintains whatever our original idiosyncratic intentions are all the way," she said. "Everything we make can only really emerge from us because we're making it for ourselves."

Which is why, in the end, it doesn't really matter what Kanye thinks of your art -- or at least the Kanye 8-Ball YACHT has created.

"You can't walk around like wondering whether or not Kanye thinks you're worthy -- you have to make the art that you want to make," Claire said. "And that's the nature of artistry."

Amen to that.

Check out three more of YACHT's non-music projects below, and their EP, Where Does This Disco?, here.

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