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Drake Designed A Varsity Jacket Perfect For Anyone With Hella Disposable Income

Drake might be rap's everyman, but when it comes to fashion, not so much. The price of his latest OVO jacket collaboration with Roots is pretty steep ($878, to be exact)—almost twice as much as his last venture with the brand. But if you do have that much extra cash laying around, then 1.) you are swag AF, and 2.) you should probably shell out on the luxe varsity jacket.


For October's Very Own's latest collaboration with the Canadian company Roots, the brand went all out doing up the classic style in luxe black-on-black leather. Not just any leather either—100% bison leather, which makes basic cow leather look like it's for plebes. The jacket is also trimmed with 100% merino wool rather than your standard cotton. Plus, the jacket is designed and handcrafted in Drake's native Canada.


The only problem? The design is limited edition—like, super limited edition. Drizzy only made 50 of them so that $878 price tag is going to seem like a bargain once these jackets inevitably hit eBay.


If you're lucky enough to be in Toronto this Saturday, get thee to the OVO flagship before noon. If not, keep a lookout at the OVO web store because, according to the label/lifestyle brand's blog, a select amount will be hitting online. Always thoughtful, Drake restocked the OVO store with a handful of new options that won't set you back triple digits. Check out the latest lookbook here and pick them up over at the online store.

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