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9 Reasons Why Jennifer Lopez Should Be Your WCW

Because she's J.Lo ... duh.

We shouldn't even be telling you why Jennifer Lopez should be your WCW -- you should know by now. From her oh-so catchy songs to the killer dance moves, the "American Idol" judge is also an expert multi-tasker. How many pop star-turned-moguls can promote a new movie, release an album AND be loving mom to two children all while looking as sexy as ever? Jenny From the Block has us crushing hard and these are just a few the many reasons why.

  1. She Had Us 'Feelin' So Good' With 'On the 6'
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    In 1999, Jennifer dropped her debut album, including instant hits like "If You Had My Love" and "Feelin' So Good."

  2. She Slays Every Red Carpet
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    Let's take a moment to admire the Charbel Zoe dress that was her 2014 VMA look; her 2015 Oscars Elie Saab gown; and her most iconic outfit: the infamous, green Versace dress worn at the 2000 Grammy Awards. But we'd be here all day if we recapped every red carpet event J.Lo killed with her hot bod and her body-con style.

  3. She's An American Idol

    I think a lot of us would be more open to critique if it were coming from Judge Lopez.

  4. She Had Us 'Waiting for Tonight' On The Eve Of Y2K

    I'm pretty sure Jennifer's "Waiting for Tonight" was the reason Y2K was a bust. She saved us all with her sequined sexiness.

  5. We've Never Stopped Loving (J.Lo As) Selena

    J.Lo's portrayal of the late Selena Quintanilla was a pivotal moment in launching her career. Not only did audiences around the world fall in love with Selena's story but they also fell in love with the actress who played her. We have a feeling Drake may have been put on to Selena by J.Lo just like we were.

  6. She Got 'Loud' At The 2000 Super Bowl HalfTime Performance

    That's right, before there was a Beyonce Super Bowl performance or Katy Perry and her Left Shark, J.Lo brought down the stadium with her "Let's Get Loud" single -- just the motivation you need at halftime!

  7. We Got Swept Away By 'Maid In Manhattan'
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    How many times has TBS replayed this movie? Probably because it's GOLD. If you say you don't love Jennifer in this twist on a modern-day Cinderella story, I'd call you a liar.

  8. She Made 2014 The Year Of The Booty ... Again
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    Step aside, Kim Kardashian. J.Lo's signature asset set her apart from the Hollywood stars of the early 2000s. And she's been all about that bass ever since.

  9. And Because Jenny From The Block Really Is Still The 'Same Girl'
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    From the 2002 single release of "Jenny From the Block" to her latest album Same Girl, no one can deny that Lopez is still the proud, outspoken, go-getter Latina from the South Bronx.