Little Girl Feeds Birds, They Show Appreciation By Bringing Her Random Gifts

These crows think they're living in a cartoon.

When you're a kid, it can be pretty exciting to feed birds and other non-pets, so we can't even imagine the sense of awe a little girl in Rome is experiencing after crows she was feeding returned the favor and brought her gifts.

According to Metro UK, a girl named Gabi has been feeding local crows peanuts, dog food and various leftovers, and now the black birds have showed their appreciation by bringing her random objects, as if they're her cartoon animal pals.

As you can see, the debt of gratitude includes mismatched earrings, a screw, some paper clips and other knickknacks. Maybe these obnoxious, disgusting scavengers have been getting a bad rap all along! Or maybe this is just their way of saying, "If you're only gonna feed us random crap, then we'll only keep bringing you random crap."