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This Amazing Dress Is A Wearable Harry Potter Book

I solemnly swear that I require this in my closet.

You know how sometimes, a book is so good that you wish you could just dive right into the pages and wear the story like a well-tailored suit?

WELL. This beautiful dream is now a reality, if the book in question is "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," and if you don't mind your well-tailored suit actually being a super-cute dress.

Etsy/ RoobyLane

This frock, from Etsy seller RoobyLane, is printed with the opening chapter of the first book in the Harry Potter series -- which, for those with faded memories of their introduction to the wizarding world, introduces Harry's adoptive father as he goes about his Muggle business, in total ignorance of the magical madness about to land on his doorstep.

If you're in the market for literary-inspired accessories, there's also a bag and scarf printed with the same motif (albeit on less surface area).

Either way, this is your big chance to adorn your person with the opening paragraphs of this life-changing book. Personally, I will be holding out for a later chapter, having once vowed never to let Vernon Dursley touch my body, even if only in print.