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Why Did Paramore's Grammy Win Make Them A Little Sad?

Hint: It's not because it wasn't shiny enough.

Paramore won their very first Grammy the other week -- Best Rock Song, for "Ain't It Fun." In the process, they also kind of make rock history, in that they became the first female-fronted band since 1999 to take home that trophy.

Appropriately enough, it was Paramore's dedicated fan base that informed them of that fact on the big night.

"I didn't know that until fans were tweeting 'congratulations' to us," Hayley Williams told MTV News before their Hilton@PLAY gig in New York this week. "I was pretty much being updated by our fans all night."

That isn't to say that the band wasn't aware that they won the shiny trophy -- Williams celebrated via a few heartfelt tweets, while bassist Jeremy Davis hung out at Grammys parties and kept the joy inside, waiting to tell his co-partiers about his win until later in the night. Very chill, Jeremy. I feel like there's some study that says that keeping good news inside is good for the complexion, but I could just be making that up.

As for the rather bittersweet news that the band made music history with their win -- sweet because, well, they won, bitter because no woman has won in YEARS -- Williams was kind of torn.

"You don't even know really how to feel because it's kind of sad on one hand, because I think there's been so many incredible female songwriters that are in bands -- that have written very meaningful songs or political statements, social statements and things that really matter -- that haven't been recognized in that way," she said. "Ultimately, it just feels nice that I was able to write from my point of view about life and how I saw it and the things we were going through. To be a woman in a rock band feels awesome anyway. I feel very empowered by that alone."

"I hope it's not that long before another girl comes along and has something to say and that it gets recognized," she added, echoing the sentiments etched into our very souls over here at MTV News.

Speaking of souls and etching, it's primed to be a big next couple of years for Williams, who recently got engaged to Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, her boyfriend of six years. Seeing as how the two are in bands, we couldn't help but ask what the playlist would include at the decidedly pop punk union of souls. All New Found Glory? All Paramore? All "Electric Slide" remixes? Check out Williams' answer below: