All The Adorable Grant Gustin Faces We're Missing This Week, In Order Of Adorableness

The fastest man alive makes the best faces ever.

With "The Flash" on a mini-hiatus until March 17, fans of the show are currently experiencing a phenomenon known as Gustin Withdrawal: a shaking, nauseous, anguished agony brought on by the absence of Grant Gustin's face on your television screen.

It has only been one day, but there is nothing we wouldn't give right now for just one glimpse of Grant doing that squinchy thing with his eyebrows to indicate that Barry Allen is feeling some stuff.

Until his return, though, we'll be looking to this roundup of all the best Grant Gustin facial expressions to help take the edge off.

  • The Aforementioned Squinchy Face
    The CW


  • The Intense Running Face
    The CW

    The speed vortex just makes him hotter.

  • The Slow-Motion Eyebrow Raise Face
    The CW

    Note the elegant way that Grant's right eyebrow creeps up just a smidge quicker than his left.

  • The Sad Thoughts Face
    The CW

    From the trembling Adam's apple to the subtle wiping-away of his nascent tears, this is some fine non-verbal emoting, right here.

  • The Shirtless Face
    The CW

    No, really, it's his face we're looking at.

  • The Face Of Complete Confusion
    The CW

    The bug-eyed look: strangely appealing!

  • The Forced Smile
    The CW

    What's great about this face is that Grant is technically smiling, but in a complicated way that suggests a well of deep, emotional pain.

  • The Real Smile
    The CW

    Is this Grant Gustin, or a labrador retriever puppy that just realized he's gonna get to go outside? No, stop, you cannot tell, don't even try.

  • The Cry Face
    The CW

    It's not that we like it when Grant cries. It's that we like the accompanying fantasy of kissing his tears away.

    The CW

    Total spontaneous underpants combustion, heyo.

  • The Aw Shucks Face
    The CW

    The sly smile? The bashfully averted eyes? Yeah, this guy knows exactly what he's doing with his stupid perfect face.