Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran Is An Adorably Awful Weatherman

Brisk, with a chance of rosy cheeks, dry lips and soggy slippers.

There are so many things Ed Sheeran is great at: crushing Christina Aguilera covers, running from the cops with bestie Taylor Swift and, you know, jamming with Beyoncé.

But now we know something Ed definitely isn't that great at: reading the weather. Sheeran -- who will perform on Wednesday night's (Feb. 24) BRIT Awards -- co-hosted Nick Grimshaw's BBC Radio 1 breakfast show on Tuesday, and when BBC Newsbeat reporter Tina Daheley asked Sheeran to work the weather map, Ed was up for it.

"The weather outside is brisk," Sheeran warned commuters. "If you walk out, you will get very, very pink cheeks very quickly. You will need some lip balm because your lips will dry and that will happen. Also, there is a chance that you will step in a puddle today, so please do not wear slippers outside."

When Daheley jokingly thanked Ed for his version of the weather, Sheeran corrected her. "No!" he said in mock anger. "That was the real weather!" He then promised Daheley that he wasn't there to steal her job, despite his newly revealed awesome skills.

"You know what I think about weather? If you say there's a chance it'll be really sunny, everyone will get really excited, and then they'll just blame you," Ed explained. "It will make people happy for an hour, which is enough."