Ariana Grande Posts Beautiful Message From Her Late Grandpa Before Launching The Honeymoon Tour

'You do your thing... that's the only way to do it,' her grandpa told her.

There are just hours left before Ariana Grande kicks off her Honeymoon Tour in Kansas City tonight. And, not surprisingly, Ari is feeling a bit excited, overwhelmed and stressed.

But, when life feels like too much, sometimes it's best to lean on your loved ones for support and words of wisdom. Which is exactly what Grande did on Wednesday morning (Feb. 25), when she posted a heartbreakingly inspiring, tear-inducing message from her grandfather, who passed away last July.

"Don't let them challenge you, don't let them intimidate you... And you do your thing," grandpa says in an Instagram video where you hear him sharing some wisdom with Ari, who tenderly laughs at his advice. "That's the only way to do it."

"I love you," she tells him. "I love you too."

Fans were moved to tears over the clip, with one writing, "Stay strong Ari!! He will be watching over you.Everyone will meet this.Everybody must stay strong!!" and another telling her, "i love you baby, stay strong ... you can do this we know you can"