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This Is How Much It Costs To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Ever find yourself 50+ weeks deep in Kim Kardashian's Instagram and think, "Man, how do I get my [insert literally any face part: eyelashes/eyebrows/cheekbones/IDK] to look like that?" Well, you're in luck because Kimmy K has revealed the extensive list of products she applies to her face on the regular.

Into The Gloss nabbed the ultimate beauty score, detailing everything from what drugstore makeup remover wipes she uses to her favorite $455 moisturizer, her two sunscreens, her go-to bronzer of the moment, and—the holy grail, IMHO—her contour kit. Combine all that with the breakdown of all the products her actual eyebrow artist has told Daily Mail that she uses on her brows, and you've got all the information you need (a warning: it all racks up to a $800+ total cost). You're welcome!