Raury's New Video Will Make You Think Twice About Your Phone Addiction

Angry Birds? Try angry mob.

There are myriad reasons to put your damn phone down: because the world is passing you by, because it's rude to text at dinner, because Raury and his LoveRenaissance team will knock that piece of plastic out of your hand for you if you don't.

At least that's what happens in the 18-year-old artist's new video "PSA (Seven Suns)," the official visuals for "Seven Suns," off of his debut EP, Indigo Child Project.

According to a release, the public service announcement/music video is meant to show "how the growth of mobile technology and social media has created a virtual world in which the citizens detach from real-time human communications and interactions."

Translation? It depicts a ton of people just like you lost in their phones in public locales, until Raury's leather-clad team busts in like the Warriors -- or Alex's droog from "A Clockwork Orange" -- and goes to town on technology with fire and baseball bats.

The message-laden video is par for the course for the thoughtful Atlanta musician, who released a track dealing with racial violence titled "Fly" after hearing that police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.