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13 Signature Celeb Moves From Awards Season, Ranked

Awards season may be over, but these brilliant moves live on.

This past Sunday evening (February 22), the Academy Awards signaled the end of the 2015 awards season. Goodbye, glitz. Goodbye, glamour. Goodbye, gorgeous celebrities making tearful speeches whilst clutching small, shiny tokens of professional achievement.

And helloooooo, awesome moves we'll be busting out for the rest of the year!

This awards season didn't just bring out the best and brightest in Hollywood to celebrate great music and movies; it also brought out some moments of spectacular physicality in our favorite celebs. Below, we count down the greatest signature moves from the Grammys, Golden Globes, and Oscars.

  1. The Finger of Ultimate Respect

    Meryl Streep introduced this move to the masses during Patricia Arquette's epic feminist moment on Oscar night.

  2. The Pattycake

    You'll need a friend to perform this casual butt-patting move, debuted by Jennifer Aniston on the Golden Globes red carpet.

  3. The Passion Crouch

    Convey the depth of your artistic feeling by taking it low, like Adam Levine.

  4. The Awesome Possum

    Sorry, Left Shark: A furry artist on the Oscars stage stole all the dancing animal thunder this year.

  5. The Big Shake

    Lady Gaga demonstrated this move to perfection when AC/DC took the stage at the Grammys.

  6. The Creepersmush

    John Travolta shows us how to gently smush the face of a person whose unusual name you are attempting to pronounce correctly. Try it the next time you meet someone from Norway!

  7. The Dance-in-a-Contained-Space

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend showed us how to feel the beat, but keep your seat.

  8. The Looks Dorky, Doesn't Care

    Dancing is about pure, joyful self-expression, not looking cool, as Taylor Swift demonstrates at the Grammys (and everywhere else, for that matter.)

  9. The Just-Come-Out-In-Your-Underpants

    At a party, at a wedding, at a live nationally-televised awards show: The location doesn't matter. If you want to stop everything and bring the house down, Neil Patrick Harris shows you how it's done.

  10. The Semi-Restrained Flail

    Eddie Redmayne demonstrates this signature move, for when you're so excited about something that you have to relinquish all other bodily control in order to focus exclusively on not peeing your pants.

  11. Flaunting Your Assets

    At the Golden Globes, Emma Stone showed us how to use subtle hand gestures to play up your best feature.

  12. The Silent Ugly Cry

    When you can't move because you're paralyzed by feels, let Chrissy Teigen guide you.

  13. And of course... The Cumberbomb

    This move is ideal for photobombing from afar in a crowded room, but feel free to bust it out multiple times a day for no other reason than that it's just really, really fun.