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See Justin Bieber Get Inked -- Kind Of

This tat is ill-advised, TBH.

Oh, man, Justin Bieber has gone and got himself yet ANOTHER tattoo -- a bullseye right in the middle of his back. Wait, what?


The Biebz is currently new ink-free (at least we think so), but a tease for his upcoming Comedy Central roast pokes fun at (get it?) his proclivity for tatting up.

Comedy Central previously released a tease for the roast -- going down March 30 -- featuring the "Boyfriend" singer getting pelted by eggs, a nod to his criminal past.

So we've covered tats and eggs so far and the big event is still more than a month out. What's next, guys? I repeat, all buckets and all bodily fluids should be avoided in future spots due to our delicate, delicate stomaches.