We Asked The 'Jane The Virgin' Narrator To Narrate Our Lives And Things Went Hilariously Wrong

Things did not go as planned.

We here at MTV News are huge fans of "Jane The Virgin." Without a doubt, it's the most charming show on TV. But the whimsical antics of Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) just wouldn't be the same without the engagingly funny and all-around awesome "Latin Lover Narrator" who helps put them into context week after week.

In fact, "Jane The Virgin" makes having a narrator look so fun, we decided we wanted one too. So we asked voice-over artist Anthony Mendez -- who provides the suave vocals for the Latin Lover Narrator -- to come to our office in New York City and narrate our day.

As it turns out, having a someone narrate your life (and follow you around all of the time) isn't as cool at it seems. Sometimes, they really blow up your spot. See the drama unfold in the video below: