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This Little Girl's Instagram Account Is The Cutest Tribute To Nicki Minaj We've Ever Seen

Nicki seems to agree.

Well, I just found my new favorite Instagram account.

Thanks to a repost from Nicki Minaj, I've been lead to @Million.Dollar.Bby. That handle isn't completely accurate, though. See, the girl who stars in the videos on the account isn't a baby -- she's a little bit older -- and she isn't worth a million dollars -- she's priceless.

Nicki posted a clip of the star-in-the-making, named Blake Dunham, singing "All Things Go" -- but she kinda cheated us. The rapper only posted one video from the account -- but there's a whole treasure chest of others, including two more from this specific "All Things Go" video shoot.

When Nicki drops an F-bomb, Blake self-censors. I mean, does it get any better than that?

The account was only started a month ago, with the first post uploaded on Jan. 26, but there are already almost 35,000 followers. And it's obvious why.

Check out this Beyoncé rendition. #flawless

Then, there's a Bobby Shmurda "Hot N---a" routine, full of attitude. She throws her damn headband for goodness sake! It's perfect.

How 'bout a little Ariana Grande?

OK, Blake, you win. Everything. You win everything.