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Big Sean Gave Out His Phone Number On Dark Sky Paradise -- You Should Give Him A Call

Leave a message at the beep.

There are a few things you expect when you buy a Big Sean album. You know there are going to be some pretty dope beats, you already know the lyrics are going to be top notch and the hooks will be catchy. But when fans woke up on Tuesday (Feb. 24) to purchase Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise, we got a little something extra.

“N---as say I changed, how did damn, how’d it do/ Say I’m hard to get in contact with, oh is that true?/ Well what about now, 3-1-3-5-1-5-8-7-7-2, bitch call me,” he spits on “Outro.”

That’s right, Sean Don gave out his digits and MTV News confirmed with the rapper that it’s his real number. Move over Mike Jones.

Give him a call, and let us know how it goes.