Watch Chrissy Teigen Pull A Magical Dove Out Of... We're Not Sure Where


It's a good thing that Chrissy Teigen has a robust career as a model, actress, and meme-generating weeper, because her Vegas-style magic act is... well, let's be nice, and just say "less than promising."

Teigen was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night (February 23), where she revealed that yes, she's a huge magic enthusiast, and always has been. She's even a member of the elite Los Angeles magician's club, The Magic Castle, where aficionados of all things magic gather (in required formal attire) to hone their craft and schmooze with each other.

Chrissy must be pretty early on in her magical training, though, because her sleight-of-hand abilities are, um, a tad underdeveloped.

And by "underdeveloped," we mean that she basically just hurled a fake stuffed pigeon at Jimmy Kimmel's face.

Whatever, she's still the best.