This Dog Shovels Snow So You Don't Have To: Watch

Nobody even trained her to do it?!

Shoveling snow is arguably the most difficult of all chores. You're sweating but also freezing! You're slipping but also stuck! This cruel winter has people fed up with it, but for one lucky family, their spunky dog has picked up the slack and begun shoveling the backyard.

Elsa the yellow lab can be seen shoveling a backyard hockey rink (a dead giveaway that this takes place in Canada) in a video posted by YouTube user Greg Cox. And talk about initiative: Elsa reportedly picked up this skill herself, with no training from her human overlords. Her tail is wagging, after all.

Now all Greg needs is a bunny waiter to serve him beer while his dog clears the driveway, and he'll have officially lifehacked winter.