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Cara Delevingne And Kendall Jenner Were Inseparable At London Fashion Week

Gimme dat #CaKe.

We know it's only February, but we're already calling our favorite couple of 2015: Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. These two besties have been inseparable (like, physically) since their Love magazine cover shoot last December, and, dudes, they've even created their own ship name–CaKe. How cute is that? The past few days, we've spotted the model duo hardcore hangin' during London Fashion Week, so we thought we'd share some photos of them being adorable together with y'all. Is your heart ready to explode? K, good.

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This past weekend, these two were spotted in the front row at the Topshop Unique show, which makes sense since Cara was the first solo face to land a campaign with the brand. (Love those minimalist outfits, ladies.)

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Even on the rainy streets of London, these two (still!) just couldn't stop smiling. Awwww.

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The next day, Cara and Kendall posed backstage at the Giles show in quite possibly the cutest photo ever. Work dem angles, K!

Then, they met up with their other model BFF Jourdan Dunn for a ~ladies night~ in a seriously on-point windblown Insta pic. Teach us your ways, ladies.

The most glorious moment of all HAD to be when Jourdan Dunn's son Riley serenaded Cara, Kendall (in a cupcake hat!) and Taylor Swift (!!!!!!!) in a hotel room. We weren't kidding about your hearts exploding, people.

And last night, CaKe snuggled up with Lily Donaldson in a set of onesies. (Here's hoping Kendall will borrow Cara's pepperoni pizza number next time because pizza but also she looks cold.)

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