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#TBT: This Is What 'The Real World' Looked Like 10 Years Ago

Wes, Johanna, Danny, Melinda, Lacey, Rachel and Nehemiah stopped being polite -- and started getting real -- in Austin.

A decade ago, seven brave young adults abandoned their comfort zones to journey to an unknown city (Austin) and have their every move documented. This unforgettable "Real World" cast featured a sensitive Boston boy (Danny), an opinionated Peruvian gal (Johanna), a jokester frat boy (Wes), a quirky aspiring hairstylist (Lacey), a sweet-natured Midwesterner (Melinda), an outspoken war veteran (Rachel) and a charismatic Californian with a tough past (Nehemiah). Experiencing everything from multiple roommate romances to scary health incidents and sad news from home, the gang of temporary Texans cemented their place in "Real World" history as one of the greatest casts of all time.

In honor of Throwback Thursday and the 10-year anniversary of Season 16's debut, take a trip down memory lane -- courtesy of some priceless pics and unbelievable videos:

  1. "This is the true story..."

    "of seven strangers..."

  2. Gang's all here
    Michael Muller

    And they're all resting comfortably on their metallic couch, in front of some neon rodeo signage.

    Michael Muller

    Put on your hats and boots, cowboys and cowgirls.

  4. Nothing like a pillow fight
    Michael Muller

    With a bunch of plush, feather-stuffed bags, natch.

  5. What's so funny, Mel and Jo?!
    Michael Muller

    Giggling about the guys, we're guessing.

  6. As The Turtles notoriously sang, "so happy together"
    Michael Muller

    But why so serious, W?

  7. Kitchen quarrel?
    Michael Muller

    Perhaps fighting over using the stove or a collection dirty dishes off in the distance.

  8. Cuddle couch time
    Michael Muller

    Can't deny this: The handsome duo's chemistry was undeniable.

  9. And speaking of those sparks...

    THAT special bedside marriage proposal on the very first night. C'est l'amour.

  10. Oh, and THIS shower scene

    Steamy, steamy.

  11. But Danny's first few days away from home were rocked by a violent incident

    D got into a street brawl and was severely injured.

  12. Sweet support

    Melinda, who broke up with her boyfriend back home to be with her housemate, was by her man's side during a surgical procedure to correct his eye socket.

  13. But they weren't the only duo feeling romantical

    Exhibit A: Wes trying to court Johanna, even though Rachel was feeling an attraction toward the then-19-year-old. And SCENE.

  14. Love triangle??

    Yep, that would be Mel smooching Wes.

  15. Ahh, the groupie drawer

    "Who do I want to have sex with tonight?"

  16. "We live together -- we might as well make out together"

    A very accurate statement from the spicy Latina. Cue the drunken dancing and well, multiple liplocks.

  17. But they didn't only play together

    The crew worked together too -- shooting, editing and directing their own mini-documentary on the South by Southwest music festival.

  18. Family tragedies

    Danny got the crushing news that his mother passed on Valentine's Day, and his roommates helped him during the extremely difficult time.

  19. Prince Harry, is that you?

    Nope -- it was the highly entertaining Kansas dude pretending to be the British royal/fellow ginger in Costa Rica.

  20. And all good things must come to an end...

    ...but the memories made in Austin will live on forever.

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