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MisterWives' Songwriting Secret? Locking Their Lead Singer In A Tree House

Watch the NYC band joke about being trapped in a tree while writing Our Own House.

When they talk about "infectious" pop music, this is what they're describing: MisterWives' new album will make you laugh, it'll make you cry, but most importantly, it'll make you dance.

Our Own House, out today (Feb. 24), mixes jazz, folk and even disco to create the catchiest tunes -- from the jubilant, brass celebration of the title track to the smoky power ballad of "Queens." And then there's the brilliant "Reflections," which starts off sweet and ethereal as lead singer Mandy Lee Duffy tells the story of a doomed relationship. Things could get sadder from there, but a kickdrum pushes her to move on, and the track gets a confidence boost -- along with section upon section of time changes and mood swings. It's a mini pop symphony.

Drummer Etienne Bowler, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Blum, bass guitarist William Hehir and guitarist Marc Campbell created the album in their native New York City, transforming their apartment into a recording studio. But when they needed songwriting inspiration, Mandy used Etienne's childhood tree house in the Bronx as her creative space.

"I built this tree house in high school, and it's in my parents' backyard," Bowler told MTV News. "I locked her in that tree house where she wrote the song 'Our Own House,' inspired by the tree house."

Mandy said she cried a lot during the writing process and joked that it's because she wasn't allowed out of the tree house until she was finished. "That's how I wrote so fast!" she said.

MisterWives are an MTV Artist to Watch this year and played our showcase in Los Angeles earlier this month. Check out their performance of "Our Own House"!