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Lorde And Drake Should Probably Collaborate

They already love each other. It's only right.

Lorde and Drake had a true pal-around moment on social media this past weekend, which made us think... collaboration? Eh? Ehhhhh?

Drizzy played his first show in Lorde's stomping grounds -- Auckland, New Zealand -- recently and was apparently a bit nervous about the experience.

"I was so curious coming to a place I have never been before," he wrote on Instagram, sharing a snap of the show. "Didn't know if they would know the music or what the vibe would be. Auckland was one of the most insane crowds I have ever performed for. Start to finish the room was shaking and vibrating with love and energy. Plus Lorde showed up in the cut which is a waveee. Thank you Auckland."

Um, we're pretty sure you're loved all around the world, Aubrey... Fish for compliments, much?

Anyway, Lorde responded to his shoutout with one of her own, RT'ing the 'gram and adding, "if you can see this show, please do. it'll teach ya."

All the shoutouts. All the love. All the social media.

With Lorde heading into the studio soon, we can't help but wonder: Maybe she should take Drake with her? Their emotional sensibilities working together would charm the world -- Auckland included.