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Dear Every Dude That Wore A Blue Tuxedo Last Night, You Rule

We're looking at you, R Pattz.

There were so many killer dresses spotted at the Oscars last night we could barely keep track, but we need to take a moment and honor the dudes. It's pretty hard to deviate from the go-to black tuxedo and bow tie without looking kooky—especially at an event as formal as the Oscars—but Robert Pattinson, Jared Leto, Eddie Redmayne, Ansel Elgort and Neil Patrick Harris managed to slay in head-to-toe blue looks. And we need to thank them all for for their contributions to fashion. One by one. We love those risk-takers.

  • Robert Pattinson
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    Dear Robert,

    We missed you at the Oscars, but you made up for it tenfold when you arrived at the Vanity Fair after party sporting this glorious number: a bright blue tux with a skinny black tie and matching shoes. Not only does this bad boy fit like a glove, but your signature tousled quiff is baaack (bye forevs, rando neck patch), and we are so stoked about it. Basically, this is what we look like right now ---> :') TTYL!

  • Jared Leto
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    Dear Jared,

    Hey, old friend. We're so glad you managed to part with your fanny pack for the big night and opted for this '70s-inspired powder blue prom-semble instead. Extra points for the bold, all-white shoes, dude. We'd also like to thank you for not chopping of your supple ombre strands just yet and letting them hang loose in all their beachy glory. Call us if you want to swap Oscars stories and braid hair later. It looks like you really, really enjoyed yourself. XOXO

  • Eddie Redmayne
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    Dear Eddie,

    Congrats, boo! Not only was your acceptance speech for Best Actor the cutest thing of ALL TIME, but OMG, look how well that Oscar statue pops against your satin tux. You couldn't have done a better job coordinating with your wife, and considering you're really killin' this navy thing, would it be appropriate to say this look is on fleet? Too much? No? OK, good. Luv ya.

  • Ansel Elgort
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    Dear Ansel,

    The thing we love most about you is that you look good, and you know it. You nailed this left-of-center tux situation like you've been going to the Oscars for years, and considering you're only 20 years old, that's pretty impressive, dude. Also, you brought your mom as your date, which was so adorable. Way to steal our hearts, Ans'. <3

  • Neil Patrick Harris
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    Dear Neil,

    Remember when you hosted the Oscars? That was cool. You know what else was awesome? When you were basically naked onstage in front of, like, a bajillion people (and a nationally televised audience!). While that took some serious balls (heh), we will say that when you're clothed, you look just as uh-mazing—especially in this velvet blue look you sported with your hubby at the end of the show and at the after party. *cue Lana Del Rey's rendition of "Blue Velvet"*