'Finding Carter' First Look: Lori Insists She's 'Not The Bad Guy Here'

Season 2 kicks off -- with plenty of drama -- on March 31.

Get to your posts, nearby neighborhood watches: Season 2 of "Finding Carter" looms, and Lori's still at large.

The show, which follows Carter Stevens upon the teen's revelation that she was abducted as a child and raised by a woman who wasn't her mother, will return with brand-new episodes in a few short weeks. And in the preview of what's to come below, it's very clear there's still plenty we don't know.

On the Season 1 finale, Lori had managed to drug and kidnap Carter once again, and now, she's desperately pleading her case. "I am not the bad guy here," she insists to her captive in the video, but Carter's twin sister Taylor isn't so convinced that her sibling's in the clear. "You don't think she would hurt Carter, do you?" she asks Max, who appears to finally be out of the hospital after getting shot by Carter's boyfriend Crash.

(Also, quick digression: Could it be? Are Taylor and Max back together?!)

And, though we didn't think it was possible, there are secrets yet to be unearthed in the realm of David and Elizabeth's marriage -- what else could possibly come to light? Tell us what you hope to see from "Finding Carter" Season 2, and hang tight for new episodes starting March 31 at 10/9c!