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Eminem Might Come To The Rescue If You Do Too Many Drugs

But you shouldn't risk it.

Eminem is a talented rapper, producer, mentor -- and all around musical genius -- but sometimes he's just there to stop people from doing things they'll regret the next day. Former D12 rapper, Bizarre, knows this first hand.

During an interview with Vlad TV, the Detroit rapper shared one of his wildest tour stories, which included some magic mushrooms and a very bad idea. But then Eminem came to save him.

It all started when, "I took some shrooms in St. Louis, Missouri."

And that's when things got strange.

"Marshall was coming back from sound check I guess," he continued. "And I guess they was a couple miles away from the hotel and they said they seen me walking down the street. They pulled up on me and Marshall was like, 'What is you doing? Why you out here?'"

"And they said that I told them that I was going to join a gang."

Kids, joining a gang is obviously never a good idea, so if you're trying to do that on mushrooms, that's a sign that you should definitely stop.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, please leave drugs alone," Bizare said in summary. "That's one of my wildest stories and I probably never took shrooms again."

D12 hasn't released a project since 2011, but Bizarre plans to release a new album called Dab Life in late September and then he'll be on tour with Twista.