5SOS Visit A Cat Café, Wear Bibs And Sip Soup In Japan: Check Out The Pics

We have a serious case of FOMO now.

It's official: 5SOS are having the best time ever in Japan.

The band, who've recently been in the studio with Good Charlotte and Bonnie McKee working on their sophomore album, made their way to Tokyo for a concert on Wednesday, but decided to visit the "best place evar" a little earlier to take in the sights.

The group were met at the airport by their 5SOS Fam and were decorated in personalized Haori jackets, which they should totally add to their merch selections because they're pretty amazing.

Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael also took some time out to mingle with their fans...

Before going on a little sightseeing adventure, which had Calum hitting the pavement to explore...

And wear adorable bibs with Luke.

Ashton visited the vending machines...

And sipped on some soup.

They also visited a cat cafe, but unfortunately the cats weren't too excited to see them.

But that's all right because Michael is still having an "awesome" time.