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Beyonce And Solange Were Majorly Twinning At The Oscars After Party

Prepare for perfection overload.

If you needed any more proof that the Knowles sisters are actually omniscient, ethereal creatures of the great beyond, pictures of the gorgeous twosome at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party should give you all the evidence you need. I mean, just looking at Beyonce and Solange's long-sleeved, white-on-white gowns is enough to convince me that 1.) they're literally angels, and 2.) their dresses should have won every Oscar given out last night.

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Between the similar silhouettes of their dresses to their sparkly accessories and über trendy cropped haircuts, Bey and Solange look more alike than ever. Not only that, but I have to wonder - were their elegant ensembles inspired by a certain event that took place this fall?

It's not exact, but it's hard to see these two in matching white without immediately thinking of this.

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Solange's almost unbearably ~chic~ November nuptials had Knowles Inc. looking picture perfect in head-to-toe white, so it's no wonder they wanted to recreate that same level of pure #flawlessness for this year's Oscars. Given their unbeatable style, if Solange and Beyonce want to start dressing alike from here on out, I definitely won't object.

In fact, I'll bow down for all eternity.

*insert infinity number of praise hands emojis here*