Ian Spanier

Johnny And Averey Fight To Dethrone Team Banany From Their 'Challenge' Perch

The 'Real World' exes have done well in The Dome...can they keep it up?

Though "Real World: Portland" exes Johnny and Averey have been icy-cold to each other across "Battle of the Exes 2," they've managed to let bygones be bygones in The Dome, where they've shined as a team. Unfortunately, their winning streak came to an end after an intense battle against Nia and Leroy, but can they drum up their fighting spirit once more to stay alive in the game's losers bracket?

In the latest "Battle of the EX-iled," Johnny and Averey learn they'll have to best Johnny and Nany in a mini-game to remain active in the underground competition. And since "Take Out" centers on effective communication, the newbie duo -- which has struggled to keep lines of dialogue open -- understands there's hard work ahead.

Still, when it comes to the game in which competitors have to extract four objects from a dug-out ditch, Johnny and Averey aren't ready to go down without a fight.

"I wanna get back in there and move mountains," Johnny Reilly says.

Watch the competition to see who comes out on top, and find out if the day's winners can beat Zach and Jonna -- who were ousted on tonight's episode -- on "Battle of the Exes 2" Tuesday night at 11/10c!