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Oops! College Dean Receives Fake IDs Ordered By His Students

This is what happens when you buy phony IDs online.

Accidentally getting someone else's mail is usually NBD -- unless that mail happens to include eight very illegal fake driver's licenses, of course.

On January 5th, a college dean in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania found the fake IDs in his mailbox, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Friday (Feb. 20). A student named Dean had ordered them from a Chinese website in late December, but the package was mistakenly delivered to a university dean instead. Why? Both men share the same name. Whoops.

The fakes -- made for four 18-year-old male students who most likely just wanted to get their drank on -- were hidden inside a green picture frame shipped from Guangzhou, China. Not surprisingly, the dean called authorities upon discovering the fraudulent IDs.

"It is very easy to get a fake ID," Detective Christopher Gluck, the case's lead investigator, told The Inquirer. Back in the '90s, getting a fake was nearly impossible unless you had an older relative to mooch a license off of. But now, thanks to the World Wide Web, overseas fake ID manufacturers can advertise and sell their illegal products online until cops shut them down.

Police aren't releasing the name of the college involved, but there are only four schools in the area: Cabrini College, Eastern University, Villanova University and Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

The underage students are cooperating with the cops and haven't been charged for the incident, so they may be lucky enough to avoid a criminal record. They did break their school's codes, however, so they will likely face consequences for those violations.

Even when cops bust one fraudulent site, another always pops up. The beauty of internet is that it makes everything -- including the illegal stuff -- way easier to access. So what's the downside? What you do online can definitely come back to haunt you IRL, and this story is a perfect example of that.