Is The 'Walking Dead' Crew Finally Safe?

Also, we are officially Team Aaric forever and ever.

"The only way you're stopping me from being with him is by shooting me."

Those are the awesome words uttered by awesome Aaron, the man who posed stranger danger to the group at the end of last week's "Walking Dead." Turns out, there's no danger to fear with this stranger (unless there's a big reversal coming up in the next couple of episodes), save for one: Standing between him and his man.

We'll get to that in a second. There's a whole lot going on in the world of "The Walking Dead" beyond the show's hottest new gay couple. Here's what went down, and here's what we're wondering:

  1. Are we safe now?

    Finally, Rick's group reaches the end of their road, and it leads to a place called Alexandria. Aaron claims that it's not a camp, but a community, surrounded by 15-foot walls and filled with lots of good people. Aaron thinks Rick and friends are good people, too, and wants them to join the crew. After much hemming and hawing, Rick reluctantly accepts the offer, and the episode ends just as everyone's about to pass through the gates. At long last, have we found our new safe haven in this post-prison world?

  2. I mean, probably not, right?

    This is "The Walking Dead" we're talking about. Organized communities usually involve one-eyed psychopathic dictators, or at least a bunch of hangry cannibals. When was the last time we saw a group of people congregating for the greater good, beyond Rick's group — and even then, kind of questionable at this point, right? Whatever lies beyond the walls of Alexandria, it's entirely possible that it's not pleasant at all. Perhaps Rick is right to proceed with caution.

  3. Is Michonne the captain now?

    Nobody wants to listen to Rick anymore. At least, that's the vibe from this episode, as everyone rejects his paranoia and embraces Michonne's optimism; she's the one carrying the banner on the matter of meeting Aaron and his people. Over the last several episodes, Michonne's been one of the few characters who still has hope in this hopeless world. She's a long ways away from the sword-slinging lone wolf of yesterday. Is Michonne the right leader for this group at the right time?

  4. Okay, let's talk about Aaron.

    How great is this guy? He makes jokes about his community having dance parties on Friday — unless they're not jokes, in which case, DARYL DIXON DANCE-OFF RIGHT NOW PLEASE — and he also refuses to eat applesauce even in the face of losing his life, because he hates applesauce. He told Maggie and Sasha last week that he was a friend with good news, and by all accounts, it certainly looks like he's as advertised. So far, so great.

  5. Let's talk about Aaron and Eric.

    Power couple! Aaron is worried about his "friend" all throughout the episode, and when they finally reunite in a dilapidated shelter, we see that they are much more than friends; they're in love. Eric, with his busted-up ankle, even got Aaron a present: a license plate for his ever-growing collection of license plates. (Too bad he lost all the license plates earlier in the ep, but that's neither here nor there.) Aaron and Eric share a passionate kiss that immediately sends out all the feels and reminds us that, yes, there is hope in the world of "The Walking Dead," and there is love in a world so full of death. Happy endings aren't normally par for the course with this show, but consider us fully aboard the good ship Aaric; let's hope they can make it where other couples have not.