Christopher Polk / Getty Images

See Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Strange' Reaction To A Very Simple Marvel Question

The Sorcerer Supreme can't magic his way out of this awkward moment.

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

There's something strange going on with Benedict Cumberbatch. The Oscar-nominated actor is the man lined up to star in Marvel's "Doctor Strange," and fandom's eyes are all on what the "Sherlock" icon will bring to the table as the legendary Sorcerer Supreme.

As it turns out, Cumberbatch is all eyes, too, whenever the "Doctor Strange" subject comes up. Even the simplest question about his upcoming Marvel movie provokes one of the most amazing, awkward responses humanly possible. Here's what he looked like when we asked him if his Stephen Strange would feature an American accent as in the comics, or a British accent as in Benedict's real life:

Yeah. Wow. Maybe let's not ask him too much about the Master of the Mystic Arts, or else risk watching his beautiful head explode all over the red carpet.