Ummm, Did John Travolta Just Try To Kiss Idina Menzel?

A few hours after he ambushed Scarlett Johansson with a smooch, too!

Did John Travolta just try to kiss Idina Menzel?

Lucky for all of us, our favorite Adele Nazeem meme was recreated onstage at the 2015 Oscars on Sunday night (Feb. 22) and, this time, it was even more awkward. Travolta and Menzel took the stage together to relive Travolta's name-mangling from last year's ceremony while presenting the nominees for Best Original Song. Let's first remember last year's cringeworthy moment, shall we?

There were apologies of some sort, but they both seemed bitter -- in jest, of course. "It's not like it'll follow me around my whole life," Menzel said. "You're telling me," Travolta replied.


It got kind of strange, though, when Travolta started stroking Menzel's face. And he didn't stop. Ummm... cut to the nominee montage, quick!

Travolta had Menzel announce the winner -- "Selma" song "Glory," written by Common and John Legend -- because, you know, he can't say things correctly. Self-deprecation is the best. But making yet another meme, while you're putting the last one to bed? And after you made things weird by kissing Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet earlier in the night? You've truly outdone yourself, Travolta.