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Brendadirk Cramplescrunch Is The Only Oscars Meme That Matters

ICYMI, Twitter gave Benedict Cumberbatch a new name.

Poor John Travolta has had an eventful Oscars night. First there was that awk cheek kiss with Scarlett Johansson, then the kiss that never was with Idina Menzel -- and now this.

Michael Deppisch, art director of Mister Smith Media, came up with the ingenious tweet above. It's a priceless shot of John Travolta eying Benedict Cumberbatch in the audience. The botched name is undoubtedly a reference to Travolta mispronouncing Menzel's name as "Adele Dazeem" at the 2014 Oscars.

Deppisch's tweet promptly went viral and "Brendadirk Cramplescrunch" trended on Twitter during the show.

Actor and singer Steve Kazee joined the party as well:

And so did BuzzFeed:

Deppisch has a point, though. Cumberbatch does have a pretty complicated name. Seriously, try saying Benedict Cumberbatch five times fast. By the fifth time, it will probs sound like a whole bunch of gibberish -- a.k.a. pretty similar to Brendadirk Cramplescrunch.

On the bright side, Cramplescrunch kinda sounds like a nifty cereal brand, right? Move over, Cap'n Crunch, Cramplescrunch is taking over children's breakfasts everywhere.