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The 12 Best Memes Of Lady Gaga's Oscars Gloves

When you wear something a little ~edgy~ on a red carpet, you can pretty much guarantee it's bound to be turned into a meme in, like, seconds. Just ask Rihanna. Or Jennifer Lawrence. At this year's Oscars, the target is Lady Gaga and her bright red gloves—the good people of Twitter and Instagram are having a field day with her unexpected accessories.

From someone ready to go to town on some dirty dishes to other pop culture icons, the gloves are getting a lot of attention.

Here are the 12 best memes:

  1. Ready to clean

  2. A Blink-182 cover star

  3. Cruella de Vil

  4. Captain Planet

  5. Mr. Krab from Spongebob Squarepants