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23 Powerful Oscars GIFs You Need In Your Life

Relive every memorable moment with these (sorta) moving pictures.

Sunday night's Academy Awards was full of laughs, some tears and a whole lotta heartfelt moments. ICYMI, we compiled some of the most GIF-worthy moments from the red carpet and show below. Check 'em out below.

  1. Dakota Johnson revealing which "Fifty Shades Of Grey" prop she took home with her
  2. Josh Hutcherson being bae
  3. Chrissy Teigen showing off her moves
  4. And Kerry Washington shimmying on the red carpet
  5. Host Neil Patrick Harris giving himself a legen -- wait for it! -- dary high five
  6. John Stamos looking smooth AF
  7. Lupita Nyong'o making everyone's jaws drop
  8. Cate Blanchett's necklace eating her face
  9. Jared Leto protecting his long, luscious locks from Mother Nature
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  10. Emma Stone's mom revealing who she really, really wants to meet
  11. Lady Gaga shouting out her soon-to-be hubby, Taylor Kinney
  12. Neil Patrick Harris' opening line
  13. NPH singing his heart out with Anna Kendrick
  14. Benedict Cumberbatch staying hydrated
  15. Tegan And Sara performing "Everything Is Awesome" with The Lonely Island
  16. An awesome possum may have been involved
  17. Oprah getting a Lego Oscar
  18. NPH baring it all
  19. Meryl Streep and J.Lo reacting to Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech about gender inequality
  20. John Legend killing his powerful "Glory" performance with Common
  21. Everyone ever tearing up to the "Glory" performance
  22. John Travolta tenderly grasping Idina Menzel's chin
  23. ...And Lady Gaga belting out a "Sound Of Music" medley