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Lupita Nyong'o And Kim Kardashian Now Share At Least One Thing In Common

In case you need another reminder of why Lupita Nyong'o is so beloved, her appearance at this year's Oscars says it all: She is a crown jewel. Or, rather, wore 6,000 of them at once.

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Showing everyone in Hollywood and beyond how to work a red carpet, the stunning actress and red carpet slayer arrived at the Academy Awards decked out in a custom Calvin Klein gown covered in 6,000 pearls. SIX THOUSAND.

Oh yeah, and she revealed her dress while carrying her OWN umbrella. No one has ever kept it so real while wearing this many pearls. (I'm unsure of whether someone has actually worn this many pearls at once, actually.) And that is precisely why only Lupita could pull off a creation like this while landing somewhere in between classic and forward.

Of course, with a dress that eye-popping, the internet is obviously going to find comparisons. This year, it was less Disney princess and more, uh, X-rated. For some, Lupita's pearl halter brought to mind a certain iconic Playboy shoot belonging to a certain reality star married to Kanye West.

If Lupita were to EVER respond, I'm sure she'd say something like, "Can I live?!?!?!" (That is my reaction, IMHO.)