Sam Smith Isn't Moving To NYC Just To Be Closer To Taylor Swift

He also wants to go to film school.

From his failed romances to his heartbreaking, universally adored ballads, Sam Smith has broken through by being honest above anything else.

So it comes as no surprise then that Sam revealed new tidbits about his life in his latest interview, with Vogue magazine. For one, a relocation to New York City to study film production might be in the works. “I want a crash course so I can start directing my own videos,” Sam said.

Inez and Vinoodh/Vogue

Later, like always, Sam also took a brief moment to distinguish himself from his peers. The only person who could truly be considered Sam's equal in style is Adele.

“We’re losing class,” Sam told the magazine. “There is a way to share an insight into your personal life without being classless, which is what I’m trying to do. Let’s not get our asses out, people. Let’s put on a suit.”

A little elitist? Sure. But distinguishing himself from the pack by covering up (and being 100% himself), has led to millions of fans everywhere and a pile of Grammys for his excellence. Maybe Sam knows exactly what he's talking about.