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We've Got Less Than 24 Hours Until Selena And Zedd's Collab And We're So Excited

Our hearts want what they want.

Monday can't come soon enough!

Selena Gomez and Zedd's new collaboration, "I Want You To Know," debuts tomorrow and nearly everyone is curious to hear the results after weeks and weeks of teases. Vague tweets and paparazzi snapshots of the two hanging out after events and time in the studio can only go so far.

Selena took to her Instagram once again to build up the momentum, posting shots from the music video.

In one shot, she's sporting a leopard print, long-sleeve dress while friends flock around her and underneath a massive disco ball.

In another, we get a close-up of Selena's lovely face.

Knowing Zedd's addictive taste for EDM and house bangers, we're sure this track will be just as explosive as the rumors of their relationship.

And not to be out done, Zedd also posted a teaser late last night, officially 24 hours before the song is released.

Selena may be excited, but she's certainly not alone. We're all holding our breaths in anticipation!