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Emma Watson Royally Debunks Those Prince Harry Rumors With One Tweet

Pure class.

The rumor mill has been churning as of late, with Emma Watson and Prince Harry caught in the grind. Apparently the Internet thinks they're dating? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Watson recently became a literal Disney princess?

Anyway, seeing as there's been absolutely zero evidence to substantiate this (aside from the claim in Australian magazine Woman's Day that started the tizzy), we've been siding with the pal of the royal who told Us Magazine, "[It's] fake...It's such a random story."

Things got so out of hand that Watson finally took to her Twitter account to dispel the gossip.

This isn't the first Harry that Watson has been linked to – rumors have also flown regarding the intricacies of her relationship with Harry Styles. As she told us, they're just friends.

We can understand why folks want Watson to ascend from Hollywood royalty to official royalty – she's talented, poised, fashionable and her feminist initiatives are straightup inspiring. Keep doing your thing, Emma – single or paired up, you are one amazing woman!