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Meet The Texas Republican Grandma Leading The Fight To Legalize Weed

"It's not Republican to support prohibition."

Marijuana legalization advocates have found what some are calling the "perfect weapon." Her name is Ann Lee, she's 85 years old, she lives in Houston, and she's a Republican. She's also leading the charge to legalize weed in Texas.

Lee had been opposed to weed legalization her whole life until her son was in an accident, and required medical marijuana, she said. “We realized marijuana wasn’t the weed of the devil which I had been known to say,” she explained to local news station KHOU.

Lee describes how dramatically interest has increased in her activism efforts since she began taking up this cause. “I don’t know whether it’s my age, the white hair, what is it, but it does seem to strike a chord. I’ve been an activist for many years, but I’ve never had the response that I’m now getting,” she noted.

“It’s just me, I believe in this,” she added.

Though marijuana made steps toward legalization in some states in the recent midterm elections, Texas still penalizes the possession of marijuana.

Lee's message is simple. She doesn't see the debate along party lines; rather, she believes that the issue transcends divisions. “It’s not Republican to support prohibition,” she explained. She added that adults should have the right to choose marijuana and added, “The government has no business telling you you cannot.”

Lee said she plans on taking her fight all the way to Washington.