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Have You Noticed That Redheads Are Totally Taking Over The Oscars?

We're seeing red.

Talk about whatever "it" dress color on the Academy Awards red carpet you want, we've just noticed something else that's red: a bunch of people's hair.

Seriously, they're everywhere! Fully three sixteenths of the acting nominees this year rock the fiery hair color. If you're all like, "Three sixteenths? Pft!", then compare that fraction to the 2-6% of Americans with red hair, and it starts to look like a mighty big number.

Check out this proof that redheads are taking over the red carpet.

  1. Julianne Moore

    This Best Actress nominee is perma-red and proud of it.

  2. Eddie Redmayne

    Red-mane, indeed! The Best Actor nominee is a coppery fellow, with a name to match. He's a power player, as evidenced by his follicular rise to prominence.

  3. Emma Stone

    Yes, she's a natural blonde, but this Best Supporting Actress nominee made it big with her red locks in "Superbad," so we have a hard time not thinking of her that way. Handle it.

  4. Giuliana Rancic
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    Sure, it's kind of an auburn, but you know G's always up on the trends. The E! News main lady just changed her tresses, so you know something's up.

And if you haven't seen enough, check out this dose of double trouble:

We're seeing red!