8 Charlamagne Tha God Quotes That Prove He Should Be A Permanent Third 'Catfish' Host

The TV and radio host made quite a splash as the show's newest sleuth.

Here's hoping Max Joseph's big-wig Hollywood director's gig pays off, because there's a certain "Catfish" guest host who seems ready to uproot him from the seat next to Nev Schulman's.

On tonight's Season 4 premiere -- the first of a handful of episodes that won't feature Max -- MTV2 personality and radio host Charlamagne Tha God served as temporary online detective, and in the case of Miracle and Javonni, he didn't hold back. In his quest to help a 26-year-old discover the truth behind her Internet crush, Charlamagne dealt the young mother some real pearls of wisdom and -- in his few free moments -- poked fun at the show's production too. Hey, the "Catfish" accommodations might not mirror the Four Seasons, pal, but you could do worse than a continental breakfast!

Below are eight of the funnyman's most memorable quips -- some jokey and some more sincere -- that prove he might belong on "Catfish" as a more permanent third fixture. Check 'em out, tell us what you think of Miracle's story and be sure to tune in to the next new episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!

    "If you've got a chick that you can potentially smash close to you, and you don't go smash it, something's wrong."
    Some pre-show philosophy for ya! "I can't believe y'all couldn't pay for a straight-through flight. This 'Catfish' sh** is too real, man. Or cheap."
    Honesty is a virtue when it comes to nailing down online liars. "I totally believe in the universe, man."
    You thought Deepak Chopra was deep? "You are the cheapest man in America. You stay in three-star hotels, drive minivans and mooch people's free wireless."
    Some friendly insight from Tha God to Nev. "These are hope dealers, man. They're sellin' hope."
    A PUN FOR YOUR TROUBLES! "This is all you use, is a computer? You don't have no Batman utility belt?"
    Charlamagne learns there are no bells and whistles in "Catfish"-land. "You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide whether or not to be reduced by them."
    The temporary host gives Miracle some hope. "Don't you follow no angry black man into they house!"
    A sunshiny message to keep in mind.