Cody Simpson Has A Status Update On His Justin Bieber Joint Album

This is not the news I wanted to hear.

While Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson hit us with a "my kind of perfect" collaboration in "Home to Mama," it seems that their promised album filled with "smack bang duets" is officially being put on hold.

Which has me feeling like:

So, why are they making us wait? Well, it turns out the two have decided to concentrate on their own personal projects before releasing their joint collaboration.

"We worked on a lot of music, and that one ['Home to Mama'] we considered to be special," Cody told MTV News. "It was a cool opportunity for me to get in and write some great songs, and Justin has some great melodies and everything. We collaborated, but we both thought it was best, since we are both going down different music paths, to come back to [the project] when we are both in more established places."

"Basically, we wanted to do it at a time where we are both sort of musically separated from each other," Cody said. "And then we come together." He also revealed that they shot a "couple visuals" for the project.

Cody recently released two tracks, "Flower" and "Driftwood," off his upcoming album, Free, his first as an independent artist.

“For a lot of people, it’s the first they are ever going to hear from me, and that’s what’s relieving to me,” he said. “I have a fresh start, now that I've turned 18, which feels like such a symbolic age of independence and hopefully a new phase of my life. It feels like the very first album I’ve ever done, and it feels like the first song I’ve ever released. It feels very new, very fresh and I feel very enthusiastic.”