Disney/Jason Hetherington

21 Of The Most Practical Messages In Disney Fairy Tales

Your fairy godmother should've been a life coach.

Disney fairy tales have always been criticized for giving us impractical expectations about real life. They make girls falsely believe we need to be rescued and guys think that waking women up is a pleasant experience. But for all the unrealistic messages in these stories, there are just as many practical takeaways when you read between the lines. We can thank our favorite classics for these commonsense lessons we never knew they taught us.

  1. Don't eat food from strangers.
  2. Don't eat anything you find randomly either.

    You will, Alice. You will.

  3. If you party too hard, you might lose your shoes.
  4. You can't choose your stepparents.

    Sometimes they're evil, sometimes they're awesome, but they're not yours to pick.

  5. You're probably not as good of a liar as you think you are.
  6. A fork comb is better than no comb
  7. And sea shells aren't bad bras either

    Better than a coconut, at least.

  8. If you break out into song in conversation, at least one person is going to hate you.
  9. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  10. No matter what your job is, find a way to enjoy it.

    Just whistle while you work. Or wear headphones. Whatever gets you through the day.

  11. Always be kind to animals.
  12. Poor guys can still be babes.
  13. And princesses can still be cool.

    Being spoiled doesn't make you a brat, and being a damsel doesn't mean you're in distress.

  14. Don't treat your birthday like the most important thing in the world.

    Sleeping Beauty's parents declared her birthday a holiday, so they were just asking to get cursed.

  15. Sometimes villains just want to be included.

    When Maleficent showed up at baby Beauty's "holiday" uninvited, they didn't have to throw her out. Maybe she just wanted a cocktail and a friend who's not a crow?

  16. Be kind to people regardless of whether they're hot or not.

    Before he was a beast, he was a babe...

  17. You're allowed to romantically pursue people out of your league.

    ...but he still made it work with Belle.

  18. You will always have at least one chipped cup, plate or bowl at any given time.
  19. When a candle stick starts talking to you, it's time to go outside.

    There are real people out there. Talk to them.

  20. Women are never satisfied ... and that's probably a good thing.

    Wanting more out of life always seems to work out.

  21. Kissing cures all.

    A kiss might not solve every problem in real life, but it definitely helps your cause.